Jan 24, 2012

Passages from The Biology of Enlightenment

The Biology of Enlightenment

Enlightenment is often described in psychological terms, as an act of knowing or as understanding, when in fact it is the cessation of the very demand or need to know that which cannot be known.

First and Last Public Talk of U.G Krishnamurti

There is a constant demand on your part to experience everything that you look at, everything that you are feeling inside. If you don't do that, 'you' as you know yourself and as you experience yourself is coming to an end.

The Biology of Enlightenment
'Each individual is unique, unparalleled; there is not another one like you in the whole universe. That is your natural state.' But we ignore that fact and try to put everybody in a common mould and create what we call the greatest common factor. Our education, religion and culture are geared towards producing copies of acceptable models, and, in the process, destroying that unique, living quality in a child, in every human being, which is yearning to blossom and express itself. Otherwise, there would be more human flowers. But, given its nature, society cannot be interested in such human flowers. At best, it can put them on a pedestal, domesticate them and make them a part of its structure.

The Biology of Enlightenment

The body has to change. The body has to undergo a mutation. It is not the mind. Every human cell carries the knowledge built from thousands of years; rather, the whole 14 million years of the past is embedded in the individual. So the human being is not different from the social consciousness. All the thoughts and feelings you talk about are not part of you, it is the society functioning in you. If that comes to an end, then there'll be an explosion and there'll be the radical mutation in the body. When the explosion takes place the whole structure of thought collapses and it affects the whole human consciousness. This seems to be the only way we can affect the world, by bringing about a structural change within oneself. That is the only way.

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