Nov 10, 2012

Passages from Mind is a Myth

Mind is a Myth - U.G. Krishnamurti 

Hinduism is not a religion in the usual sense; it is like a street with hundreds of shops. 

Q: You mean Rajneesh's sex shop next to J. Krishnamurti's awareness shop, which is next to Maharshi's meditation shop, which is next door to Sai Baba's magic shop, which is next to.... 

U.G.: Basically they are all the same, exactly the same. Each claims that his wares are the best to be found in the market. Some products, like Pears Soap, have been in the market so long that people have come to know, depend upon them, and consider them superior to others. The durability of a particular product doesn't mean very much.

Mind is a Myth - U.G. Krishnamurti 

To divide life into the material and the spiritual has absolutely no meaning to me. All this hogwash about spiritual life is born out of the assumption that there is a spirit which has an independent existence of its own. The assumption makes no sense. 

Q: What about the notion that the body is destroyed, but the spirit lives on ...?
U.G.: It's just a belief. It doesn't mean anything at all. I have no way of transmitting this certainty to you. There is nothing that will rise or reincarnate itself after I die. For you to speculate on the beyond has no meaning.

Mind is a Myth - U.G. Krishnamurti 

Who has given the mandate to all these people to save mankind? Compassion and love are two of their gimmicks.

Mind is a Myth - U.G. Krishnamurti 

When once the organism has freed itself from the stranglehold of thought, anything you do to try to bring about peace and harmony there only creates disharmony and violence. It is like using war to create peace in a peaceful world. When the search itself comes to an end, it comes to an end with a big bang, as it were. Then peace is something that cannot be practiced or taught.

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